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"…Derryberry’s lively interpretations and entertaining arrangements, positioning the performer towards the top of today’s talent crop. Such a solid stance, along with the diversity and experimentation of the collection you’re currently holding, is also likely to propel this top-notch tunesmith long into the future.”
-Andy Argyrakis:  writer for Rolling Stone Magazine


You can hear the blood, sweat, and tears in the music of Will Derryberry. From sneaking into bars at  the age of 12 to play his songs, to sleeping in his car with crying babies as a young dad and touring musician, to living off of tip jar money, and Mickey D’s, to performing for 17,000, and placing his original songs in TV, and movies, Will has been living the ebb and flow life of a musician for two decades. Admitting, he’s quit the music business a million times in his head, and every time concluding “you can’t quit who you are.” 


Will began his love for music listening to his dad playing blues records. “I remember hearing BB King’sThe Thrill Is Gone, and as oxymoronic as it was, that song thoroughly thrilled me.” Will’s dad recognized his growing love for music and bought him his first guitar when he was 9, and from that time on Will was set on making himself a musician.

Will’s first break came in the late 1990’s when he received heavy rotation on Clear Channel’s Y92.5 radio station in Sacramento, CA. It was at this same time that Will began touring the U.S. with his trio alternative blues band, “Will Derryberry Band.”  Will admits, “It was a rollercoaster ride. We would play to audiences of twenty one night, and a few thousand the next… It shows you what your made of.”  


After touring for 7 years, coincidently,Will was right in the middle of writing and recording songs for the album “Seven.” and received calls from a couple different music publishers, Imagem/Rescue Records was one of  those calls. They expressed that they were fans and wanted to push Will’s songs for placement in TV and movies. They went on to help Will get his songs in multiple TV spots with NBC, and Warner Brothers, as well as movie placements. Within a few months Will’s music spread globally.  “It’s mind blowing when you get an email from someone across the world and they just want to you to know how much your music has impacted them.” 


Serving as a creative director for churches, Will partnered his faith with his music and began a ministry called “Wells.” A missional endeavor to meet people where they’re at- the down-and-out , the rejected, as well as the successful lost soul. Will relates, “Throughout the the Gospels, you’ll find that Jesus hung out at wells. He was accused of hanging out with the wrong people in the wrong places. Finding Jesus at a party hanging with a tax collector or having a conversation with a Samaritan woman at a well where a Jewish man not ought to be was what Jesus did. That’s what I want to do!”


The EP Album, Push (2019), is the perfect example of the convergence of Will’s faith and music encapsulating a rock n roll revival of music and of the soul. “There’s a beautiful niche in the music world for my music.” Will determined, “I’m intent on discovering all the folks who will fall in love with these songs, and the many more songs to come.”

“We predict Will may soon be too big for us, so make sure you take a listen on the show while you can!”

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I am blown away! Blues, Folk, Rock with beautiful harmonies, production, melodies...

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