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The Story

A composer, singer, musician, and producer, Will Derryberry found his sweet spot making music for media in 2008. “I realized that to be the stereo typical artist, I would have to settle in on a specific genre and live there… I just couldn’t do that! 


Will studied with the Music Institute of Technology, and studied Christian theology at North Park University in Chicago. For over twenty years as a working musician, composer, and creative arts director, Will continues to inspire, and influence with his art, and leadership. 


His songs are being heard around the world in TV dramas, reality shows, and movies with NBC, Warner Brothers, Netflix, and Pureflix. “You got to hustle making music for media, but it's so much fun! From conception, to recording, to mixing, to writing detailed metadata, to then go back and make alternative mixes, and stems... I love it all! And, It’s an unexpected surprise when a journalist references one of my songs after hearing it on a TV show, or I hear from someone who Shazam’s a song throwing positivity my way-  that’s the cherry on top for sure.” 


Committed to writing, recording, and mixing multiple songs a week, Will understands the work ethic it takes to be a composer in this industry. “You really got to hustle. People want quality music that works. It really helps to be organized, communicative and a cool person to work with.”  


A family man, Will resides with his wife Michelle, and two daughters in northern California. “My wife and daughters inspire me to be the best version of me as I strive to love and serve them well. Being creative fuels my sense of contentment and setting people up for success fuels my purpose. I believe leading well begins and concludes with influence and humility."

What others are saying...

Will Derryberry has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He has delivered some amazing music to our production music company “Perfect Score”.

Not only are his compositions and mixes amongst some of the best we have in our catalog, but also his communication and delivery timelines have always been on point. We highly recommend Will.

-Sven Martin (Perfect Score)

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